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Grove is a set of GitLab CI pipelines, bootstrapping scripts, and wrappers that make it easy to deploy Open edX via Tutor onto AWS and DigitalOcean backed Kubernetes clusters. Grove is not an official part of Tutor nor Open edX; it is developed for the community by OpenCraft.

By using Grove, you get Open edX instances deployed to a Kubernetes cluster by Tutor and GitLab CI, on infrastructure provisioned by Terraform.


The goal of the Grove project is to

  • Provide an easy way to deploy Open edX in Kubernetes via Tutor.
  • Support multiple Open edX in a single Kubernetes cluster.
  • Make it easy to customize Open edX configurations, themes, etc.
  • Make it easy to mass upgrade all instances in a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Support multiple providers like AWS, DigitalOcean or minikube for local development.

Project status

The project is under active development. Grove fully supports AWS, DigitalOcean and minikube as providers.

Project roadmap

Feature requests, bugs, and improvement ideas are managed on the project's issue tracker, available for everyone in the community. To have a better visibility in the order of implementation and dependencies, please take a look at the roadmap.