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Custom Scripts

Grove can add custom scripts to the Docker container at build time. Upon need, these scripts can be executed periodically or in a one-time manner, depending on the use-case.

These custom scripts are tied to instances, meaning that every instance has its separate custom scripts. To add customs scripts, create a scripts directory in the instance's configuration directory, like: my-cluster/instances/my-instance/scripts, and put any executable scripts inside.

Then, Grove copies over the directory and its content to pack with the Docker image built for the openedx image.

Running scripts manually

The scripts will live in all docker containers built by Tutor from the openedx image. This means that to run scripts manually, one needs to get shell access first.

To do so, use the ./kubectl -n <instance namespace> exec -it <pod> /grove/scripts/<script>.

Running scripts periodically

To run scripts periodically, you may use the builtin cron jobs of the tutor-contrib-grove package.