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Delete Instance Pipeline

Delete instance pipeline triggers a new instance removal.

Use case

To fully automate instance creation, you can use the [AutoDeploy][Delete] ... commit message.

Commit message

The following commit message pattern is used to trigger instance delete for a single instance.

[AutoDeploy][Delete] <INSTANCE NAME>

The arguments of the pipeline:

  • <INSTANCE NAME> - The name of the instance to delete

Example commit message:

[AutoDeploy][Delete] opencraft-courses


Using whitespaces and special character other than hyphens (-) and underscores (_) will result in deployment errors.


The delete and corresponding create pipelines are special pipelines that are triggered by a script and requires additional CI variable existence. The expected way of calling the create and archive pipelines is calling a GitLab pipeline trigger.

In order to let the CI archive the instance and commit the changes, set the following at pipeline run, or use pipeline trigger parameters:

  • INSTANCE_NAME to the name of the instance

This means that both commit message and CI variables must contain the same instance name.