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Enable OpenFAAS

Grove supports OpenFAAS, a function as a service software, deployed on the Kubernetes cluster.

The OpenFAAS installation is used for sending filtered periodic build failure notifications, though it may be used for other purposes by users of Grove.


The OpenFAAS installation requires TF_VAR_openfaas_enabled to be set to "true" in the cluster.yml file. Otherwise, the installation is turned off and resources won't be installed.

Accessing the functions UI

OpenFAAS (community edition) comes with a basic UI for managing the functions installed.


If the TF_VAR_openfaas_enabled is set to "true" and changes are applied, the UI is available at https://openfaas.<CLUSTER_DOMAIN>. The installation is protected by basic auth. The username is admin, but the password is generated automatically. To retrieve the password, within the control directory, run ./tf output openfaas_admin_password.